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  1. However, when playing the piece with an 8va dynamic, the playback is not an octave higher.
  2. I need to play a whole note and a half note in the treble clef. Example: Play an A with finger 1 (whole note) and an F with finger 4 (half note) Then, while holding the A, release the F and play a G with finger 5 Crescendo will not allow notes of different duration to begin on the same beat on the same staff, or is there something I missed.
  3. When I playback a piece where the dynamics change from mp to pp the volume increases instead of decreases. Anyone else notice this?
  4. Hi. I want to get some help on how to hold a note while playing other notes on the same staff. I am using 4:4 timing and on my Treble Clef I have 8 x 1/8 notes and on my Bass Clef I have a whole note at the start of the bar and a 1/8 rest, a 1/8 note and a 3/4 note. When I play back the music my Treble plays fine but the Bass plays the whole note and doesn't play my 1/8 or 3/4 notes UNTIL the Treble has finished playing instead of holding the whole note WHILST playing the other 2 notes. I am able to get around this by adding another staff and placing the whole note there by itself but I am up
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