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  1. I'm getting most of what you detail. Chapters don't go back to menu when played; the DVD keeps playing through subsequent chapters. Not a bad option -- chapters allow you to start playing somewhere other than the beginning. "Chapter 'n'" displayed doesn't offer any information, but I guess having a list of options, like those found with a "normal" movie CD, will have to wait. Loving the ISO gen -- thanks for the tip. I'm saving DVDs! And, I get audio "pop" at the head of clip 1 -- thanks for letting me know.
  2. I burn a DVD directly from VideoPad; no need for Express Burn unless there's an option to build a DVD menu in there. Intrigued by the prospect of double-clicking an ISO, but don't know how to write an ISO from Videopad. Would welcome a hyperlink on how to. Discovered that the "Add Menu Basic" will convert Bookmarks to Chapters and that VLC (Videolan) offers navigation. Had nothing but woes with the "Add Menu Basic (List)" -- seemed to me that none of the chapters started the video. Can you select any "chapter" and start the DVD at that point. VLC media player https://www.videolan.org/vlc/ VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files as well as DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols.
  3. First, thanks for the reference to MPC-BE Player -- looks like a find! I tried the ADD MENU Basic (List). In VideoPad, I see a a box labeled the VideoPad project. I burned the DVD. I opened it with MPC-BE. I see the VideoPad "Title Menu" -- The VideoPad project name. When I click it, I get a menu of 'Chapter 1' through 'Chapter 5' and 'Main Menu' -- as you indicated in your previous reply. Clicking on a "Chapter" buttons results in the play of the DVD from the start, regardless of which chapter is selected. What am I doing wrong? I would like to be able to pick where the DVD starts. I would like to control the "Title Menu" I would like to control the "Root Menu" and even to start at the "Root Menu", leading to a suggestion -- an option to use the Bookmark titles for the chapter titles. I'll try it in my DVD player -- an LG player hooked to my TV, Thanks.
  4. Bookmarks do not appear on burned DVD menu. Bookmarks do become "chapters" on DVD -- can skip from chapter to chapter. But there is only one "Play" button on the DVD menu create setup with DVD burn. I would like to see a DVD menu with Chapter titles based on Bookmarks.
  5. Thanks for the information. I did not realize that DVD was so low in resolution quality, but it is seemingly the best way to distribute a slide show of our fishing trip (is there a better resolution way to do this?) that everyone can see (everyone seems to have a DVD player). Is there a better way to do an image like #1 (it has wave crests that bounced light)? Thanks again. p.s. will be deleting the files at the link.
  6. Here's the link to some files that show the "issue" ... https://1drv.ms/f/s!Ahe09IxUo0-dnxqa07lqqFQhTOyh I'm starting to think that there's only minor difference and that it might be my imagination. There are 4 slides in the project, each labeled by number. Number 1 is a shot of a plane on a lake. Number 2 is the same shot (as #1) but with ZOOM effect. Number 3 is another, different shot of the plane (it has pretty good quality), and #4 is a repeat of #1. There is an MP4 file, as well as a screenshot of the settings that I used to create the DVD and the MP4. Comments/suggestions appreciated. Thanks
  7. Same error message at the end -- VP cannot read file. File Explorer was happy though when I re-inserted the very disk that had just been written by VP. Same low quality when played in DVD player (onto 1080p flat screen TV).
  8. BTW, I very much appreciate your responses. Even more considering how quickly you responded.
  9. Uninstalled DVD drive, then re-installed via "Scan for hardware change". Reboot allowed video to play on PC (using VLC software). Playback still grainy (I have screen capture if interested for comparison to actual image). I will attempt writing yet another DVD Movie and will let you know.
  10. I've set the bitrate to maximum (9000). Doesn't seem to matter. To answer your question, DVD Movie (NTSC). Note that MP4 seems fine. It's just the DVD that appears grainy (poor quality) when played back. So you know, i've submitted a bug report on the process as well. When I export, it writes disk, then ejects, then "File Explorer" asks me to insert a disk, then I cancel the File Explorer request and I see a VP error message that the write was not successful. The disks (I've tried several) play on a DVD player (sometimes the menu was missed), showing very poor quality. I attempted to play the DVD on my computer. When I insert a disk that just played on my DVD player, "File Explorer" rejects it and asks that a disk be inserted. When I insert a DVD movie, it behaves the same way. I'm going to reboot and see if the problem persists. Thoughts/suggestions welcomed.
  11. I've exported a DVD movie in VP 4.31 and VP 4.48. Result in both cases is a poor quality rendering on the DVD. The rendering on the DVD looks nothing like the MP4 rendering or the Preview (play) in VP. Images appear grainy in the DVD -- no issues in the MP4 or Preview. Nothing in the settings seems to matter. I think I can demonstrate this with one image in a DVD!
  12. In Control Panel, the display adapter shows "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter". I checked and the driver is from 2006. I also attempted to download/install DirectX 9.0C. No errors listed, but no change in the behavior either. The PC I'm using (sic) is an IBM (now Lenovo). I'm leaning towards a new PC.
  13. Running licensed software -- thanks for advise as to where to confirm that fact. Also, confirmed the absence of a GPU as the problem with missing video effects. Wondering if there is a low-cost way to get there (is buying a new PC the most attractive option?). Thanks again for helping me through all this.
  14. How would I confirm that my version is properly licensed? Other than trying to export until it fails ...
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