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  1. I just tried the advice given in another thread and went to C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\NCH Software\Scribe\Current == map. I checked all of the text files. None of them are the work I did yesterday that I continued working on this morning... Is there anywhere else it could be?
  2. I was transcribing an audio file and in the middle, my computer suddenly turned off. When I turned it back on, the file was absent from the list and there was no sign of my transcription! There was about 3.5 hours of work on there! Could it be saved in some place on my computer? [i reloaded the audio file, but as can be expected, it came up blank, as if I hadn't done any work on it] Please help...
  3. ribbie


    And another related question: I have assigned hotkeys to start and stop playing the audio in ES. e.g., the tab key to start playing but if I minimize ES and move into another program (e.g., Word) the tab key doesn't work in the new program and still begins playing the audio. Is there a way to prevent hotkeys from working when Express Scribe is minimized?
  4. ribbie


    I'm used to using windows keyboard shortcuts combinations such has ctrl. > to reach the end of a word. It's frustrating that when I use this key combination in Express Scribe it makes the entire audio skip to the end. a. Is there a way to prevent this from happening? b. Is there a way to continue using windows keyboard shortcuts when using Express Scribe? thanks
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