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  1. upc

    weekly function

    Do you have any news about our issue? We are waiting for the solution.
  2. upc

    weekly function

    Problem still exists in v2.26. One time function doesn't work properly together with Weekly function.
  3. upc

    weekly function

    At the moment, the last version of program is v2.25. Ok, we will wait for the new version (v2.26).
  4. upc

    weekly function

    Thank you for the new (v2.22) software version. Now Weekly function works correctly. But we have a new problem. One time function doesn't work properly together with Weekly function. Here is a description of the problem: With Weekly function we set up recordings one week in advance. Everyday recordings will be done in different times. For example, today is Wednesday. We have set up a recording from 21 to 22 hours on Monday. I would like to do an unplanned recording today, i.e. on Wednesday, from 21 to 22 hours with function One time, but I am not allowed to do it - the software says that this time is already taken, doesn't matter that today is not Monday, today is Wednesday. The program doesn't let me to do one time recording. Could you please also fix this bug? Thank you.
  5. upc

    weekly function

    The program is opened all the time and never closed. The system is not sleeping while the program is tested. We checked everything what you have written several times. Like I said previously, the Daily recording is working fine but we still have problems with Weekly recording. I came with this problem to the forum because support answered just to the first ticket and my other two tickets were ignored for 2 weeks already.
  6. upc

    weekly function

    Hello, We need to record our TV shows with option "weekly". We record several shows at different times and different days but and option "weekly" simply doesn't work in our program. Previously we got an answer from support: "please try the "Daily" option instead of the "Weekly" scheduling option, set the time and test it." And we tried "Daily" recording. Everything is working, on time but we still have problems with "Weekly" recording. We need to use this option because we record several shows at various times and various days. Thus, option "daily" is not right for us. We tried "Weekly" one more time and it still doesn't work. For the recording to start to work on time it is needed to go to Schedule, chose the task which was created previously and to confirm one more time by clicking OK and just then the recording starts. But in this case it is not automatic recording but manual... We use Decklink Video Capture capture device. Our OS is Windows 7, 64 bit. The program run as administrator. Debut version 2.16, Licensed software. Were can be a problem?
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