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  1. I received a quick (next day) response from the vendor, NCH Swift Sound – impressive, seeing that I do not have a technical support contract. The reply is: Thanks, the port error message is just the not too smart computer guessing what happened. I'll submit this as a bug for you. Regards, David - NCH Swift Sound Let’s see if they impress us by fixing the bug.
  2. I was troubleshooting this error last night and found that it does not have anything to do with port 8880. It has to do with the CD and/or freeDB. Here is my test scenario and findings: 1. All music CD’s I used are originals “out of the box”. 2. The first couple of CDs ripped OK. 3. Then I received the error message. 4. I could continue to rip but the software did not return the artist, album and track information. 5. I then reloaded one of the CDs that ripped OK (without the error) and everything was good again (no error). So, this tells me that ER or freeDB is not recognizing or
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