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  1. Hi, Just to let you know I am making good progress now and thanks again for your help. I have upgraded and everything working perfectly. Thanks all !
  2. Hi Borate, Thank you very much for your help. You are right, I had the older version of VP and that was exactly the problem. I have now installed the new version you linked and when I preview the video it's no longer blurry. However, I now have two problems, First off, my older version was licensed, I had paid for it and this latest version I just installed appears to be the non-commercial version. Can I update to a paid version? How do I do that? I was warned about this before I installed it, but want to ask if I can licence it from having previously paid on older versio
  3. Hi, Here is my video example uploaded in google drive As i mentioned, I played this back through other media players and looks perfect, but when I add file to VideoPad it shows blurred? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bzi7FoQage4gRnBReDMzczUzNWc/view?usp=sharing Sorry, can't find options>display. When I click on options I get 4 tabs, General, Media Files, Effect plug in and Other. Where do I go, please explain? Thanks for any help, I really want to get this working and upload my vids onto youtube.
  4. Hi In Debut recorded in .avi and also tried in .mp4 (H264 compressor) In VideoPad it doesn't seem to give me any option to change the format or res or I can't find how to? Also, after reading up a few things tonight, it might have something to do with I am on Windows Vista and maybe thats the problem? I don't know
  5. Have a look here where I have uploaded the video I recorded on Video Debut, then added to VideoPad, then Uploaded onto YouTube. Please can someone help me and tell me how to fix????? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3eM7Qu53wU
  6. Please can you take a look at my post and help me
  7. Hi, The problem is when you then upload it from VP to youtube it still shows the same blurry image. WHY? Please help because this is very annoying thank you
  8. Hi, Please help. I added my video that I recorded using Debut into VideoPad and the graphics/imaging look very bad. When I viewed the video on Debut or any other media player it looks perfect. But the problem seems to be when I add it to VideoPad all the resolution changes to a very bad image. I'm not sure how I post a picture here to show you what I mean. Please help me if you know why this happens and what I need to do to fix. Thanks.
  9. Thanks anyway, Considering the video seems to look pefect when played back on Debut and also I viewed it on another video player, I now think the problem lies with VideoPad. I add the video file into VideoPad and thats when it displayes all bitty (bad image). I am going to now re-post this question in the VideoPad forum and hopefully someone there can answer it. If not then I guess I'll have to get some technical advice direct from NCH. if anyone can help, please do. Thanks
  10. Hi, Mine is also set to defualt which is H264, if you click on compression settings underneath it, you can change to 10 for high quality. But I don't think that is the problem. I am also recording in avi format. I just tried using mp4 format and actually a little bit worse. Thanks if you or anyone else knows how to solve or think I might have to ask for my money back.
  11. Hi, I have both licenced versions of Debut and VideoPad. I record my PC Screen on Debut. The Encoder options are set to default with compression setting 10 as recommended. I watch recording back on Debut and looks perfect. Everything clean and crisp. I then upload video onto VideoPad and the video looks all bitty. What I mean by 'bitty' is the graphics/sprites ae all broken up, you can't read fonts/wording clearly, it's not a clean image anymore. Why? What Do I need to do please? Thanks for your help. Please see attached example.
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