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    Voxal examples

    Any reason why not? Seems a bit narrow in the thinking, as the forums could be a way to share ideas and created voices. Since 72% of the "voices" that come with Voxal do not work, or sound the same as another, just thought it would be a good idea in which to bounce ideas off of each other. Not a very good business model if you ask me.
  2. Yep, that is about the size of it, I was mislead by this product as well. Big mistake,
  3. KDIV

    Voxal examples

    Are there any additional "stock" voice changers types? I understand, I can fiddle with settings and "create my own" but is there a "library" whereas I can download some more? thank you
  4. I was using WavePad v6.31, made a simple radio drop recording, saved as .mp3 and it worked. recording is not very good but that is not the issue. I received an email for WavePad update/upgrade to v6.33, I downloaded and installed it. Now if I create a new recording, again simple radio drop, save it, it is in the folder, but if I close the WavePad application it deletes ALL the files. I noticed it is creating .aud, .grf and "autosave" files in my c:\recordings folder. What is going on?! I have always used this folder c:\recordings for my radio drops, what has happened, please respond, I ha
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