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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. However, if the pedal is unplugged then the wizard doesn't pop up at all, so I can't test that. I'll keep trying, hopefully it will work soon, my work is much slower without it! Sian
  2. Hi I am new to Express scribe. I have a pedal that was made for a lady I work for sometimes - several people have successfully used them so I know they do work. The problem is that when I'm setting the pedal up and using the foot pedal control wizard the box in the wizard that says 'press foot pedal' flashes up so quickly that I cannot press the pedal quickly enough to register the pedal! What I end up with is a situation where I've not pressed the pedal quickly enough and it thinks that stop and go are the same - so I get a machine gun kind of sound as the voice stops and starts simult
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