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  1. Thanks Ben. I have been an IT test analyst in my time and would be happy to test any mods/enhancements you make to SoundTap prior to general release. Cheers Dennis
  2. Ben, Thanks, I have rerun my SoundTap tests with reduced application volume as you suggest. Excellent! No cracks/pops detected. This seems to be the solution that many others in this forum stream are seeking. Hope they see this. *** One question: In my original and poor recordings I did watch the dB level meter and it never seemed to move into the red zone. The application volume was however high. All told I'm pleased with these second time around results and can now move on with more instream SoundTap recordings. Perhaps you can consider *** above. Thanks DennisW
  3. I purchased my copy of SoundTap (version v 2.31) just yesterday - 8th November 2015. I have made 4 recordings from various sources with this software and the playback audio contains constant cracks and pops for each recording. Disappointing. I am doing nothing unusual. I have Windows 10 and all audio output on my HP AllInOne PC from various apps/programs has worked well thus far. Except for current SoundTap issue. I can email send you a copy of a SoundTap saved MP3 file if you wish for analysis. Please help NCH. This is a real problem for me at this time. What do you suggest?
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