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  1. This is very disappointing and frustrating Correct me if I am wrong but there can be no logical reason for this. Cheque numbers are not sacred and I am now in the position of having to scribble notes to allow for this which looks suspicious Another question:- When printing a customer statement why are the dates (in the left hand column) not in chronological order. This looks unprofessional and makes following the trail harder. They seem to present themselves in in the order they were entered which is unhelpful. Is there anything I can do to correct this Thanks rcess
  2. Why can I not change dates or the cheque number once it has been entered. Is this program only for people who NEVER make mistakes. When you are new to the program you are bound to make errors entering stuff. The whole idea of Express Accounts is that it is intended for users who have little or no experience or interest in accounts, however we all have to comply when we are in business. If anyone know a way to edit date and/or chq number) an already entered cheque (note the spelling) please let me know
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