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  1. Could the scale effects be improved to be more precise? Specifically, making the numerical scaling in the video effects that of at least three decimal numbers instead of just two (eg: X.XXX instead of X.XX), as trying to scale some footage to match other footage isn't as precise as I'd like. Don't know if this would also require the position effect to be improved the same way.
  2. I think the issue may be that the preview simply doesn't allow for a specific, point number frame rate I use and thus comes out as wrong. Any workarounds for that?
  3. Sorry to bump this topic, but it's been a few weeks with no further update. Can I be assured this problem is being worked on?
  4. Usually, I think the preview frame rate already matched the exported one (30). Having said that, using preset detection in the export window gives the slightly different frame of 30.012. The preview frame rate isn't able to match that. The export at 30.012 fps instead of 30 I think took longer. The results were different, and some areas I swear thought were covered before were apparently not covered now. Maybe the preview frame rate caused that? Then during the process of repositioning all the video files to hopefully definitively cover their below areas in the timeline exactly, not all done in one saved session, I returned to see that frames I'm absolutely sure I covered were either covered, two frames off of being covered, or three frames off of being covered. This even happened within grouped video clips. So I came to the conclusion that the preview screen I'd been taking reference must be changing its frame rate between sessions or something (especially as my unorthadox one can't be applied to it), causing the parts where video clip changes to jump around. And trying an export of the project file, I still see should-be-covered frame issues. In fact, exporting with the text clips again in two cases and getting half the same result suggests that it wasn't this issue causing it either. So I think maybe the unorthodox nonapplicable frame rate is why the preview doesn't match properly?
  5. The video clip end around the 0:01:11.420 mark The video clip end around the 0:01:18.180 mark The video clip end around the 0:01:22.200 mark The video clip end around the 0:02:07.910 mark The video clip end around the 0:03:53.700 mark The video clip end around the 0:03:55.140 mark The video clip end around the 0:03:56.370 mark The video clip end around the 0:04:06.540 mark The video clip beginning around the 0:06:49.570 mark Clips that are reversed (some of the Croc Caddicarus video clips) also seem to have this problem and I remember it also occuring with clips because they were reversed.
  6. Yes, the project shown has the problems mentioned. I can share it if you're willing to not discuss or share the context. What service do I use? I mean there are end frames of video clips that shouldn't be visible in the exported video because they are covered in the multi-track timeline that become visible in the exported video undesirably. I placed the text clips as video clips right before the video clips that would show up later than desired time point within the exported video. I suppose because there was otherwise unused space (gaps?) in the timeline preceding those certain video clips that for some reason, it would make an error and have them show up later within the exported video, while if they have something coming before them (i.e. no unused space), this problem doesn't occur. In the exported video itself, there are certain video clips that run at a lower framerate then they should.
  7. A big problem I seem to keep having with VideoPad is that frames of video clips covered in layered multi video track editing come out visible in the export. This happens to only some video clips. Yes I've cleared unused cache files and it still happens. Another problem I've had which I'm not sure is fixed now is videos appearing later than they should as dictated in editing when they have nothing but space preceding them on the timeline. I put a blank text image before them to avert this and have stuck with it, so I'm not sure if it's been fixed by now. And thirdly, I often see certain clips being lower than expected frame rate than other clips, assuming this isn't merely a fault of the computer I'm using; a HP laptop that isn't a very powerful computer.
  8. I've tried exporting a video with audio that goes on to the end but for whatever reason this produces an unwanted fade-out of the audio at the end: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGd9dhXRSN8 There also seems to be a bit of a problem on the video side, like sticking for a bit on the last frame, which may be a frame I didn't want showcasing at all: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUERtDEwBgU My version is 4.30 and I've tried the option of deleting cache.
  9. After reading the topic, I've tried reinstalling the program (as in, the "repair" option from when you try to uninstall the program from "Programs and Features") and it's the same results. I previously had an issue that would be fixed in the next version, and I hope I won't have to buy the full version just to have that.
  10. I recently upgraded from VideoPad free version 3.81 to 4.22 or so, and I remember that the free version was limited in that it couldn't export video in a certain file type, but it still could. Now with the 4.22 "demo" version, I can't export video period. Like, seriously, if I could do that in previous free versions, why would you remove it?
  11. How does this help get around my problem? It just gives me the same footage, but within another project.
  12. So how do I get around that and properly join together multiple clips into one?
  13. Still happens. I select it from the timeline and from the sequences section and click "Export Video" from the sequences tab and I have the same problem. How do I specifically export "Sequence 2" alone? Apparently "Sequence 1" is tied to it and from the preview video of "Sequence 2" it seems to have the same problems as the exported video, as does "Sequence 1".
  14. In "Sequence 2", they are indeed conjoined, but how do I specifically export "Sequence 2" and not "Sequence 1"? I don't think I have any gaps, it's just that the clips are put directly next to each other.
  15. Sorry I wasn't sooner with this reply. http://i.pictr.com/k89nxpmu90.png "Sequence 2" is just a copy(?) of "Sequence 1" that comes out as a single clip(?). http://i.pictr.com/15ta6r8j2o.png http://i.pictr.com/4h9f0de8sd.png
  16. So how do I "merge"/connect the clips to prevent this padding from happening? Do I make a copy of the sequence where it's all one big clip?
  17. I'm trying to edit several several different HD clips together in free VideoPad, and these clips I cut down to an exact point I want. But when I export the video, the clips go on very slightly (like a nanosecond) longer than I want them to, even though when I look at them in the project file, they show none of that extra video information down to the most zoomed in timeline viewing. It should be exact, but it isn't when I export via AVI 1080p at either 30 or 60fps. How can I fix this?
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