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  1. I captured a bunch of VHS tape using an analog-to-DV-video capture device (a SONY DVMC-DA2 media converter). The result was a huge 720x480 .avi file. I first converted this to an .mp4 file. I am trying to produce a 4x3 DVD from the .mp4 using videopad. I am struggling with getting the settings right, so that the DVD provides an image that is full screen in a 4x3 window. So far no luck. Can someone please suggest a process to getting this created? While we're at it, is there a way to reset all videopad parameters to default, to be sure I am starting out well? Thanks! Steve
  2. OK, I have learned that videopad itself is quite a space hog in terms of cache files. I found a cache folder with 3.5GB of ile in it, wich were all created today. I attempted to delete them all, and had to keep 500MB worth as they were being used at that momenet. QUESTIONS: How to flush the cache periodically, and how to choose where the cache folder lives?
  3. It happens immediately. I am beginning to suspect a lack of room on my C drive. The original file exists on an external drive, and the mp4 I am trying to create is going to yet another drive, but the C drive, with the application installed, is full up. I will try to clean out the drive and see if I have a different result with my export.
  4. I have captured a 2 hour long video from Hi-8 tape to a 27GB .avi file, then edited it with videopad. Only made simple cuts. When I tried to export to an mp4 file, I got the error msg: "Failed to create your movie. Could not initialize video output". I have used these same settings on a similar file earlier with no problem. How can I sort this out and get this exported?
  5. I need to create a 4x3 video, cropped from an area of a 16x9 original. I used the crop tool, selected to force a 4x3 aspect ratio, and selected "zoom to cropped region". The crop looks correct and fullscreen in the preview window, but in the resulting 4x3 video, the crop is NOT fullscreen. What's going on?
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