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  1. Greetings. With the ending of support for Windows 7 and my dislike for Windows 10, I have decided to give Linux Mint a spin. Most things are going well, but after using Videopad in Windows for years, the biggest problem I was having was with video editors. About the best alternative I found was Shotcut. It seems to handle the editing mostly just fine but rendering is a bit slow. Then I discovered that Videopad would run in Linux via Wine and it was my understanding it would work quite well. Long story short, I did the install and it does work. At least for simple videos. The first time I tried
  2. The free version of VideoPad is misleading as for one thing the version you download is the demo version. Yes the free version will keep working after the 14 day trial, but features are limited. People should be told that up front in my opinion. That said, I have purchased VideoPad and it is well worth the asking price.
  3. Thanks Nat, that is what I was wondering. I found if I scale and position and then crop, it works much better as I can see how much will show when I'm done.
  4. I have noticed some differences that I'm not sure are supposed to be. when doing PIP. If I use scale to alter the video I wish to insert into another video, preview will show what is at the cursor position on the timeline. But if I use crop, then the preview does not show what is at the cursor, but a view from the start of the video instead. This makes it much more difficult to use position to put the PIP where I want it to be as I cannot see what will actually appear there. I have to use trial and error method to get it where I want it. Is this a bug or the way the program is designed to
  5. Okay, it took me a bit to get this to work, mainly because the effect animation editor is hidden by default. Once I opened that and saw the actual keyframe adder it was easy. This is the line I missed: Click the button in the toolbar to show the animation keyframe editor.
  6. Thanks, that is exactly what I was looking for. After I made the post I thought it might have something to do with keyframes. I will definitely try that out.
  7. mosslack

    Text effects

    Good afternoon everyone. I was working on an outro for my YouTube videos and wanted to copy an effect I saw on one example which was text going away from the viewer perspective. This got me to wondering if it was possible in VideoPad. I've seen and used the Space effect, but that starts at the bottom and goes up getting smaller each step of the way. A good effect, but the one I want starts in the middle of screen and gets smaller each step until it's at the size you want, giving the illusion the text is going away from you. I realize this could be accomplished by doing just that, startin
  8. I think most do show stereo audio waveforms. I've used a lot of video editors, I must of been thinking of a different one.
  9. Okay, thought it used to.
  10. mosslack

    Stereo audio

    Did I just imagine this, or did stereo audio tracks used to show as such on the timeline?
  11. Any changes in the release version from the beta of v6.21?
  12. Just a test to see if I can reply here. New topic not working for me.
  13. Also FYI, I was able to use the crossfades just fine by unchecking the box to crossfade the audio.
  14. Well, that is what I thought also which is why I posted on that thread before I made a new one.
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