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  1. Hi there, you would need to test with the same settings using a more recent operating system than Windows XP, also you would need to play it in other DVD playback devices. I tested with a few slideshows using the same settings and it has worked properly, systems utilized were Windows 7 and 8.1 using the same PhotoStage 3.31. I hope that helped.
  2. Hi there, in this case you would need to connect an external MIDI synthesizer, then select it as your playback device. If you do not have an external MIDI device then you can use the built in Microsoft synthesizer. Please note that the built in synthesizer has a significant lag which can make synchronization difficult. I hope that helped.
  3. Hi there, the software seems to offer the option for small print receipt, however it only works for payments. The size of the invoice must be selected within it's available layouts. I hope that answers your question.
  4. Hi there, You would need to try with other formats to confirm that is the issue with the software and not with those files, try converting those files to .tiff or .png and if you face the same problem try loading other files. I hope that helped.
  5. Hello, I was testing and the software does not have any setting to keep the original image atrributes, nor it has the option to resize the image. The only option to go for here would be to crop under the image effects. Hope that helps.
  6. Hello, Disketch does not come with a function that allow you to create a label that can be easily imported into LightScribe, their formats are different and the other app cannot read it. The only options available in Disketch save to image, PDF or save the project that can only be opened with Disketch, reason is that the .deproj file format is proprietary of Disketch and LightScribe restricted to using the templates provided.
  7. Hola, la versión domestica gratuita de los programas de NCH son solamente para efectos de evaluación, debido a eso ciertas funciones del programa son removidas después de los 14 días de prueba o dependiendo cuanto uso le haya dado al programa después de instalarlo. Para uso prolongado de este programa debes comprar una licencia, en su caso la opción de exportar queda exclusivamente disponible solo en la versión con licencia del software. Espero haya sido útil esta información.
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