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  1. Hi Lisa,Thanks for replying so quickly, I followed your instructions but unfortunately it didn't work. The footpedal works perfectly on it's own and I can type fine on it's own but unfortunately not in unison. Any other ideas? I've just accepted a couple of jobs, so am keen to get sorted. Anyway, I went to Options / Hot Keys / unticked Enable system-wide hot-keys. Just as an example, when I started typing again, while listening to the audio I went to type "What ..." and a "Do you want to save the changes to document 1" pops up. No matter which letter I type a different command comes up.
  2. Hi, I'm brand new to Express Scribe. I have a brand new foot pedal, an Infinity, which is all working together as it should - play, rewind etc. my problem is that while I am typing, I cannot listen to audio at the same time. Touching the foot pedal while typing causes some random things to happen eg. Making things bold or underlining etc. what am I doing wrong? As you can imagine, this is slowing me down - big time! Help
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