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  1. Thank you for responding to my question. I checked that the file is a DSS file. Also, I am using the Pro version of Express Scribe. I put in my registration code again and it accepted it (again). I restarted my computer, opened up Express Scribe, and I still get the same message. As I said previously, I have had this product a long time and have used it to open the same type of files, even .wav files, and never had this issue. I even went back and opened up voice files that previously I wasn't getting this message on, and I am getting the message. How do I get rid of this message?
  2. I have a paid version of ExpressScribe. I have been loading the same voice files for years into ExpressScribe, but all of a sudden, I am getting an error message shortly after downloding a DSS file that says: "The .wav-org format is not supported by Express Scribe." I have no idea what this means. I have never seen it before until the other day when I downloaded a voice file as I usually do into my Express Scribe. I am able to play the voice file, but it is very annoying that this message continues to come up. I have downloaded the latest version to 7.02 (which had been suggested thr
  3. When I load MP4 files into ExpressScribe, they are on the slowest speed imaginable. I put the speed control at maximum 300 and it does not do anything. The file sounds normal when I play it on my computer, but not through ExpressScribe. Is this file format (MP4) incompatible? I appreciate anyone's input on this. Thank you!!
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