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  1. I had read the license terms, but it hadn't answered my question, which is why I ask. So does that mean that even if I am using the free version, then it is ok for me to upload my videos on youtube? An online search result seemed to suggest the opposite, so I was hoping for a clear answer here. I might be willing to buy the software some day (though I cannot make any promises), but now am not in a good position to (finances, getting a different computer, moving, etc), but would like to use the video pad editor for recording and editing youtube videos . Thank you for your help.
  2. Hello NCH and anyone who can answer. I have downloaded the free/trial versions of some NCH products, but it asks me to certify that they are being used for non-commercial, home use only. I think I understand non-commercial. It means not for business, as in, I don't make money off of it--correct? But what does the last part mean? Does it mean that I cannot make a video on the free/trial version of video pad and then upload it to youtube? Does it mean that I cannot convert an audio file to mp3 and then share it with someone? Does it mean I must use it to make something or convert somet
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