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  1. I had read the license terms, but it hadn't answered my question, which is why I ask. So does that mean that even if I am using the free version, then it is ok for me to upload my videos on youtube? An online search result seemed to suggest the opposite, so I was hoping for a clear answer here. I might be willing to buy the software some day (though I cannot make any promises), but now am not in a good position to (finances, getting a different computer, moving, etc), but would like to use the video pad editor for recording and editing youtube videos . Thank you for your help.
  2. Hello NCH and anyone who can answer. I have downloaded the free/trial versions of some NCH products, but it asks me to certify that they are being used for non-commercial, home use only. I think I understand non-commercial. It means not for business, as in, I don't make money off of it--correct? But what does the last part mean? Does it mean that I cannot make a video on the free/trial version of video pad and then upload it to youtube? Does it mean that I cannot convert an audio file to mp3 and then share it with someone? Does it mean I must use it to make something or convert something and then only my eyes and ears can legally see and hear what I have done? Or does it simply mean that I should not use the product in business, or for commercial purposes, or to use in school or share with others, etc? It seems to me that it means the first and the second. Am I correct? What about the trial version? When I was making a slideshow for my class in college, I used the trial version of the slideshow maker here (I would have to look it up to see what it's called), and have included the slideshow in my portfolio. Is that a problem? I would like to make things right if it is, and please forgive me. Thank you.
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