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  1. I don't use VideoPad very often, so I forget how I usually prefer to set a project up and place clips and images, etc. It would be a great help if I could have the previous project open in one windows on my PC while creating the new project on a different window. Is this possible?
  2. Well, a year has gone by and I've purchased an upgrade to the latest version, and am disappointed to note that the WebVTT subtitle file format still isn't supported. This makes it difficult for me to make subtitles for Vimeo, other than the most rudimentary.
  3. Thanks for your reply. But when VideoPad writes a .srt file it does not include positioning information, like if the caption should be in the upper right corner. Nor does it save the size of the text. So then the .srt to WebVTT conversion does not have that information available.
  4. I'm generally very pleased with the VideoPad product, am glad that I chose it last year when I evaluated several video editing programs. And this support forum has also been good, thank you. The videos I produce get uploaded to Vimeo. They used to provide a do-it-yourself subtitling service, but not any more. I've tried to create subtitles with VideoPad and save them as a .srt file and upload that to Vimeo. This works if I remove the <font> and </font> tags, otherwise the upload is rejected. So this is a basic solution that works for simple subtitles. Vimeo apparently prefe
  5. Thanks. I ended up exporting the project as a .mp4 file and then loaded that into Audacity. But I'll try to remember your tip for next time.
  6. I understand how to export the audio for each video clip, but what I'd like to do is to export the audio for the entire project by exporting the single audio track. Which I guess implies exporting silence for the gaps on the audio track, now that I think about it. Still, it would simplify my workflow for the project I'm working on now if I could export the entire audio track in one operation.
  7. Just a suggestion that would simplify things slightly for me: I'm going through my project, making a lot of snapshots, and then I have to delete them from the Images folder since they aren't going to be used in the project. (Or else close the project and reply No to saving changes, but that seems like a sleezy work-around.) Edit: It's also irritating that whenever I click Snapshot that the main window switches from Sequence Preview to Clip Preview, and I have to switch it back again.
  8. Just to follow up on this, what I ended up determining is that Vimeo (where my videos are hosted) has their own subtitling facility, so I'm using that. (Thanks for the replies. It's too bad that the MP4 format does not support embedded text subtitles. That would be a hosting-independent solution.)
  9. I've taken a look at the subtitle feature in VideoPad, and as far as I can see this feature is not suitable for embedding optional subtitles in a .mp4 file. By that I mean the kind of subtitles that each individual user can select or de-select via the video player. Is that correct? If so, it would be great if you added this possibility to a future version of VideoPad. I need this facility, so I'm going to have to evaluate and learn to use a couple of other programs to create the subtitles and to embed them in the .mp4 file. It would be much nicer to be able to do it all in VideoPad.
  10. I'm having the same problem as the OP. I can record from the MIDI keyboard, and when I stop recording I can play the track, and that works (although the volume is very low). But there is no sound while recording. I do not have an external MIDI synthesizer. On the "Audio Options" dialog I have selected MIDI Playback options = Play MIDI using device: Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth". Any suggestions, please?
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