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  1. Is there a way to change the defualt duration of each subtitle added? That might help...
  2. Nevermind i tried using a different font style and now it works
  3. I am having problems with subtitles. For some reason, the first line of my 3 lined subtitles is the only one that gets smaller once I put it down to like size 7 font or under. The first line is in hebrew, maybe that matters. But It was working fine before, I don't know what happened. Thanks for any help
  4. Hello, I am wondering why the cursor is jumping to the very end of my video when I enter a subtitle into videopad and it reaches the end of that particular subtitle. This is hampering my ability to add many subtitles efficiently. Please help me fix this! Thanks
  5. Never mine, i think I figured something out at least. I just copied the text of the .srt subtitle file for the movie into one of my old saved .srt files, which I had saved from videopad, and then loaded it that saved file into videopad and it worked!
  6. Hello, I'm having problems adding srt subtitle files in hebrew...it shows up as a bunch of question marks in diamonds. Any tips? Thanks
  7. Is there a way to make the outline on subtitles thicker? Without changing the font? Thanks Also, is there a way to decrease the space between subtitle lines (not by changing the font size)? Thanks
  8. Hello, I am using videopad 4.48. Two relatively minor things I'd like to bring up: 1. When I copy and paste from Word into the subtitles section of videopad, sometimes it doesn't copy the apostraphe's...it copies them into the dialogue box, but they don't show up on the video and i have to delete them from the dialogue box and type them in again manually. Is there a fix to this? 2. I was wondering if there was a way to decrease the space between the lines (one above another). Thanks! I love your product!
  9. What is that green line moving across "video track 1," anyway?
  10. I'm going to try to export it to the disk and then add subtitles to it in chunks. Maybe that'll work.
  11. I did that but I don't think that helped. Maybe I just need to wait for the green line on the video track 1 to load all the way across the video. Might take forever, though.
  12. I am trying to add Hebrew and English subtitles to the Jesus movie. It's quite long- 2 hours. The problem is, it keeps freezing whenever I go to add subtitltes. I have broken up the audio and video in many sections. Do you have any suggestions as to how to stop it from freezing and get it to work smoothly? I have updated to version 4.48. Maybe I need to wait for that green line on the video track 1 to go all the way across the video? It's moving very slowly. Thanks for any help!
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