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  1. All my videos are 1920x1080 / 23.976 / H264 Exporting with following parameters works as expected : Export parameters : Custom/.mp4/1280x720/24 Encoder Options : H264/19.0/AAC/320 The video is of good quality. VLC and my TV are happy. The file size is about 1.6 Go, the duration is 14 min. But since few days, I get a faulty export when I select resolution 1920x1080, all other parameters remaining the same. Size is 1.2 Go (smaller than 1280x720 export) ! Previously, I was getting good result with VLC, even if sometimes my TV was freezing few seconds (size was 2.5 Go). Now V
  2. You mean will see ? Or is there a project window other than the main window in 4.11 I am not aware of ? Thanks for your answers - I am looking forward for next update
  3. I realize that we are not on the same line - I don't have any problem concerning cutting bin clips or sequence clips. Before asking a question, I always try as much as possible, to find if it has already been answered. I always read the guides or helps. My question was specifically targetted to effects. I find confusing to apply effects to the bin clip, then apply new effets on the sequence. It may make sense (specially for Color Correction) to apply some to the bin clip, then apply other type of effects (i.g Motion & Transforms, Blending) to the sequence clip. In order to check
  4. I am making progress with VideoPad but I don't find any answer on this topic (neither in the Help, nor on the forum...). Could you give some more in detail info on editing clips in "Clip Preview" versus "Sequence Preview" windows : why, when, pros and cons - I am still very confused, specially as I did not found how to know that the sequence clip as been modified and thus is different from the bin clip... Gérard
  5. Hello borate, I am French (sorry ) .... and it seems that we have a language problem ! My question was "How to visually, (the best would be on the timeline, with a small adhoc icon), see that the sequence clip is different (with effects added for example) from the bin clip ? Because in that case, if I understand (?) this discussion, effects added on the bin clip will not be propagated to the sequence clip, right ?
  6. Hi, Thanks for your proposal, but I have already redone my modifications Great to know you were able to fix it. Gérard
  7. Hello, As usual, beginners make unexpected actions Here my findings you can easily reproduce. Unexpected behaviour when inserting a video on the time line. In order to reproduce the problem, set on the time line of a new project 4 videos (in sequence). Add image and sound on the second video and audio track above the last clip (not aligned). Group the two last clips with their added image (and sound). Above the second and third clip add a video on track 2. Add some space between clip 2 and clip 3, smaller than the above video. Drag that video on track 1, in thi
  8. Sorry, but you were too fast : changing ONE clip length is easy and there is a lot of different ways to do it. My question is about a selection of clips (may be 10, 20 ...) in order to get the same duration for this group. Gérard
  9. Help ! I am in the progress of mounting a video, and as I am prudent (but obviously not enougth), I save regularly my project under a new name after making a set of modifications. I "imported clips from another project" which was a trial for another approach and was using some of the files of the main project. I succeed to move the imported clips with new effects in the main sequence, replacing the previous one (with difficulties - if I can reproduce the strange behavior I had to work around, I will post another message). Then, I deleted them from the sequence imported (in order t
  10. Hello, I am trying to get the most of your (great) product. I think everything is in the title ( I mean change of already loaded images). Gérard
  11. This bring the question on how to see that the sequence clip is different from the media clip. And how to have the sequence clip reverted to the media clip state ??? Gérard
  12. I am a beginner I unadvertidly applied effects to the sequence clip, when I wanted to apply them to the media clip. I would like to revert to the media clip, but I don't succeed to correctly delete and re-insert the clip. I don't succeed to position the insertion point at the exact split point between the previous and next clip. Is there a trick to do it ??? I did not succeed either to use "Paste Clip in Sequence (Overwrite)" ? BTW, how can I see that the sequence clip as been modified and hence is different from the media clip... Thanks
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