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  1. Hello, Thanks to both for these two interesting approaches. I think that they should answer my needs. Regards - Gérard
  2. Hello, I am a coming back user. Before buying the lattest version I would like to know how to achieve my goal (maybe videopad is not the tool I need …) I would like to edit converted 8mm films to digital mp4 files of 30mn each (conversion made by a Professional company). The clips are too long and are a mix of VERY different scenes, which makes them difficult to edit as such. I would like to split these clips into smaller and more meaningful pieces before starting the edition, without having to put them on a time line. At least, I would like to be able to select several different "pieces" from the same clip without each new "definition" modifying the previous one… I am still confused between editing clips versus "clips on a sequence"… Your tutorial video does not show the details in order to achieve this… Thank you for your help.
  3. Thank you for the tip ! Could be a feature for a future release : start the effect on the original image definition... Gérard
  4. Sorry for the typo (bad copy/paste !), specially as the origin of the problem, according to me, is this more than 5 time width compared to the standard 16/9 format ! I did made a test with a decrease definition to 10359x1080 with no improvement. Due to the width of the panorama, the image is probably shrinked to accommodate the 16/9 standard width and then enlarged by the zoom function (more 5 times), which brings that poor result. With a reduced width, everything is as you show, but then it is no more a real panorama... May be you know a program which would transform a pano directly on a video I could then import into VideoPad. Thank you for your tests and sorry for the typo ! Regards, Gérard
  5. Sorry, my update of the message has "crossed" your question. As you can see, the definition is very high 2804 pixels height
  6. Unfortunatly, YES... A "slice" of the panorama (using Irfanview) : the pano is 2695*2804 pixels.. A print screen of the video rendering (using VLC) Parameters to create the video : mp4, 1920x1080 - Youtube 1080p - Frame rate 24 MP4 Encoding setup : H264, quality 20 The "normal" other picture are as good looking as the original pictures... Thanks for any suggestion (Video Pad version 4.21
  7. Hello, I have a large panorama picture I want to show full height by moving the "view frame". I was instructed to use the Zoom effect which achieves what I want to get, BUT the result is so blurry that I cannot keep it. Apparently the definition of the picture is reduced at load time to adjust to the width of the frame. How to force VideoPad to use the original file BEFORE reduction of the picture definition ?
  8. I see that the new MacOs version is available since 2015-10-26. Any target date for the new Window release 4.21 Thanks - Gérard
  9. gaab


    May be, I forgot to mention that I am the rider, and at full galop, I don't even imagine using this device ! I have the GoPro on the helmet. One rider, the week before, was severly injured holding a small camera at hand - and not able to make a sudden turn...
  10. gaab


    @ Daorus Sorry, it took me more than I anticipated to do this test. I uploaded two videos in 4K to Youtube. Quite a long process to discover that they have been converted to 1080P The result is not noticiably better, but the videos are really challenging ! I am mounting a private video of a 7 days horse ride in Africa, captured with a GoPro... So, they are VERY, VERY shaky ! So, for me, it is not worth to upload everything to Youtube. In the future, another solution to consider could be this https://www.kickstar...ion/description Much lighter than the device you displayed ! Thanks for sharing your knowledge ! Gérard
  11. Thanks, this works. Also selecting with shift all the images to the right, simply dragging and snapping to the right of the new clip works. Selecting with shift all the right clip range may sometime need to change zoom level depending on the number of images... Thanks for this much simpler solution.
  12. Still not giving the expected result !!!! - The original clip overlays the next one, when I expect that all the clips at the right move to give space to the new one... Maybe you should also check your advices before publishing... I think that the "insert in track" command is really necessary !
  13. You said right-click ? Where do you right-click ? 1 - starting situation : sound track locked (and unlink of course - they were never linked : it is a sequence of images !) - insert position selected (shift-right to ensure proper clip alignement) 2 - right click on the selected image on the bin - it is not possible to "right drag"... 3 - Place on sequence is the only meaningful choice for what we are trying to do 4 - The result is not what I expect.... If I make a drag and drop on the track, whatever key I press (shift, alt) I get an overwrite.... A better advice ?
  14. I find it difficult to insert an new image in the middle of an almost finished diaporama with a music track. Selecting and dragging all the images after the insertion point to create enough space is difficult and hazardous ! One have to be very careful not to split the audio track (which in case of a diaporama is not linked to a specific image). I am missing a command "insert in track at cursor", same idea than close gap in track. May be I don't use the right procedure ? Any "how to" will be very welcome.
  15. gaab


    Hi c_major, Thanks for the fix. I made my best to shake it, and so far so good ! I never get the "orphan process" error. During my tests I noticed some small "kirks" which would be nice to fix one day or the other 1 - In story board view hoovering over the transition icon always shows "set video transition". In time line mode it shows the actual transition if there one (very usefull) 2 - Opening a project with Timeline view selected, switching to Storybard view you cannot scroll (look at the horizontal scroll bar). You have to go back to Timeline, move the cursor right and switch back to Soryboard in order to be able scroll. I like very much your new "batch queue processor" for Video Export (may be for other tasks I have not tried so far ?) Thanks for the fix.
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