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  1. Hello, Thanks to both for these two interesting approaches. I think that they should answer my needs. Regards - Gérard
  2. Hello, I am a coming back user. Before buying the lattest version I would like to know how to achieve my goal (maybe videopad is not the tool I need …) I would like to edit converted 8mm films to digital mp4 files of 30mn each (conversion made by a Professional company). The clips are too long and are a mix of VERY different scenes, which makes them difficult to edit as such. I would like to split these clips into smaller and more meaningful pieces before starting the edition, without having to put them on a time line. At least, I would like to be able to select several diff
  3. Sorry, but you were too fast : changing ONE clip length is easy and there is a lot of different ways to do it. My question is about a selection of clips (may be 10, 20 ...) in order to get the same duration for this group. Gérard
  4. Hello, I am trying to get the most of your (great) product. I think everything is in the title ( I mean change of already loaded images). Gérard
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