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  1. I'm currently evaluating VideoPad and specifically will be using the stabilize function. So far I'm impressed... but having tested other filters and then managed to save a video clip with a low compression/high quality setting I realised that when the stabilize function is complete and the stabilized video is saved it uses a higher compression setting and the video is noticeably smaller than the original. Doing a compare between the original and the stabilized version I can see where the stabilization has kicked in but I can also see a slight but definite loss in quality overall. It might be that this is a side effect of the stabilize but a ~25% reduction in the file size would imply that some/most of it is probably due to a higher compression level. The shake in the video is only slight so I also wouldn't expect to be losing too much off the edges as a result of the stabilize. I'm currently using the free version of v4.10. Is the paid for version different to the free version in this respect? Is there some other way to set a preference or an option for the compression/quality setting when saving the stabilized video? Thanks, Chris
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