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  1. I let the render finish yesterday and it turned out okay. The total time was about 4.5 hours. Had some time to play around with it this morning and do some more tests. I noticed yesterday that the second half of the video exported a LOT faster, and I realized that I had some positioning and scaling effects on the first half that I had forgotten about. So that part's my bad- I guess this particular video did have a little more going on than my usual videos. I do want to try to get to the bottom of this though- relatively simple position/scaling effects don't feel like they should cause Videopad to take 1 hour to render 1 minute of footage. Do I need to purchase again to update to the latest version? If not, how do I do this? I have two: An older Radeon HD 7900 series, and a much newer Radeon RX 480. The older 7900 is still a powerful card, but the newer RX 480 has significantly more bus width on my system. Drivers are up to date. Thank you! This made a HUGE difference, despite having two very good graphics cards. I had hardware acceleration turned on for the 4.5 hour render. This morning I tried again with it unchecked, and it was significantly faster: Only 1.5 hours, and it (mostly) uses 100% of my CPU! Much better, although it still slows down considerably during the first half of the video, where the position/scale effects are. During that section, it goes down to about 20% CPU usage. Still, that's a huge improvement. I'm going to try to avoid effects when I can in the future, to speed things up. Yes, the rest of the CPU was idle during this time. As I describe above, even with hardware acceleration turned off, the CPU is mostly idle and rendering becomes slow when rendering parts of the video that use any sort of effects.
  2. I recently upgraded from version 3.7 or so to version 5.20, and video export seems unusually slow to me. I noticed videopad.exe is using only 14% or so of my CPU, and x264enc7.exe is using 0-1%. Is there an option somewhere I need to check to enable multithreaded rendering? I've searched these forums a bit on the topic of CPU use, and everyone seems to have different answers. For reference, I've got an excellent 8-core PC with 16 GB of RAM and I'm currently exporting an 8 minute video. Resolution is 1920x1080, 60FPS. I have lossless export set to auto detect, and I'm using the H264 codec with quality set to 16. The video itself has a few transitions and effects, but nothing unusual for my videos. The render time however is unusual... I started exporting an hour ago and it's only 20% done! This is render time I'd expect from one of my 20+ minute videos, in version 3.7. Any tips for speeding things up, and putting more of my CPU to work?
  3. Oh, I get it now! The video effects window was indeed always covering my clip preview window when I had it open, so I didn't see any sort of preview like previous versions had. I also see now that you can click directly on the clip preview to manipulate the effects. I fiddled around with it and I also see how that empty space works as a plotter for the effects. Thank you both for your replies, that definitely cleared things up!
  4. I just upgraded from version 3.7 or so to the latest version, and I'm happy with it so far. The Video Effects window has changed a little though, and correct me if I'm wrong, but is there supposed to be a preview in this blank space on the right in the below image? No matter which video clip or image I select, if I go into Video Effects this area on the right is always blank. I'm 99% sure it's supposed to be a preview, like in previous versions. Is this a bug? Or is this space meant for something else?
  5. I replied to your PM. c_major, thank you for showing me the release notes. I searched for them myself, but couldn't find them. One of the places I looked and expected to find them was the VideoPad page on your website. It'd be nice if there was a dedicated changelog or release notes section there. There are some good new features in those versions, but the price still seems steep to me, especially since my version is only 9 months old. I'll try out the latest release and see if the bug I found is fixed, and then I'll follow up with you.
  6. First off let me just say: I purchased and have been happily using VideoPad 3.79. I really like the program, and I'm glad there's a relatively cheap, powerful alternative to the big-name programs out there. As I've used it, naturally I've found a few bugs. I tried submitting a bug report today, and I got this message: Great! There's a new version! So I (thankfully) backed up my old installation as the installer told me to, and installed the new version only to find that my license key is not compatible. Okay... I'll just upgrade... This is the upgrade price. WOW. I'm a programmer and software developer myself, and I know it takes money to make programs like this, but it's 2015, and we live in the age of free updates. I'm pretty understanding, but this is almost as much as I originally paid for the software. That's ridiculous. So I guess I have a couple grievances. 1. The message after you submit a bug report prompting you to upgrade is incredibly misleading. It makes it sound like there is no charge for upgrading, and users could accidentally upgrade without making a backup only to find that their license key is incompatible. 2. The upgrade price is ludicrously high. I think the average user (myself included) would be willing to pay anywhere from $0 to $20 for an upgrade, if the original software cost $70. $20 is even stretching it a little. 3. I might be okay with dropping $50 on an upgrade if I knew what was new or fixed. There appears to be no official changelog anywhere. What's new? Which bugs have been fixed? Has the bug I wanted to report been fixed? Who knows. Sorry for the rant, but this "upgrade price" will cause me to not upgrade for a very, very, very long time. Why should I upgrade when it costs an arm and a leg and I don't even know what's changed? I could be paying for a minor update for all I know. I have been recommending VideoPad to my friends, but I might not anymore.
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