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  1. I am also using Windows 10. and have Moneyline Plus V 1.30. I installed this program on the 5/8/15. Started putting statement details from the 1/1/15 and Jan reconcile perfectly, no problems. But on entering the transactions for Feb 2015, would reconcile at the end of Feb and showing a negative figure, all the figures in Moneyline matched my statements. It has gone down hill since then for the rest of the year!! It now showing a negative figure ( -£2238.79 for example) for year todate. Account reconcile still doesn't work. Why can we not be able to enter the start and finish money values, and dates when reconciling, I am sure this would correct this fault. I like the program, but I am starting to regret purchasing it. I resorted back to Microsoft Money WHICH WORKS!!! Can somebody at NCH Software help on this matter please???
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