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  1. This is yet another reason not to upgrade from Yosemite to ElCapitan. Once everything is working correctly, what does one have to gain by doing the upgrade?
  2. This was my problem also. I bought a new system with Yosemite then ES no longer worked with my foot pedal (Infinity). The only thing I can suggest is that you must pay the full shot now for ES to connect with a variety of foot pedals. After that, I think you will like the new ES with the video capabilities and all. It is working like a charm for me.
  3. Yes I read that. But if you look on Amazon under Infinity USB foot pedals, there are people who testify they are using Yosemite (most recent mac operating system) with infinity foot pedal and not paying for the pro version of ES. This is what threw me off track. This, added to the fact that I have been using ES for years with this foot pedal and never had to purchase ES before now.
  4. Replying to my own topic, for others who might come along and read this: No matter what others say, specifically reviewers on Amazon and elsewhere, you MUST purchase express scribe for it to recognize your Infinity foot pedal. I know it is written in the ES documentation, but others have said this wasn't true. I never had to purchase express scribe before, but there seems to be no way to download old versions of express scribe.
  5. Hey. I'm a longtime user of Express Scribe with my Infinity USB 2.0 foot pedal. I'm trying to migrate from mac system 10.4 to 10.10 and I can't get Express Scribe to see that my foot pedal is plugged in. I have tried restarting several times. There doesn't seem to be any driver for mac, such as Pedalware, to use this Infinity foot pedal. All the drivers want to download .exe files, which are windows files. I have put several hours of googling into this problem, and I must admit having come across some many questionable download sites! Please help soon, as I have retired my 10.4 system.
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