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  1. AirFlare

    Tga files?

    Thanks so much dude! I owe you one
  2. AirFlare

    Tga files?

    Are there any way I could import tga files to my project and make sure every picture is not 3 seconds long? Every response will be appreciated! Thanks -Flare
  3. Yes thanks for clearing it for me. I would never, ever use an illegal code. And besides, the code glitch has gotten fixed since 4.0
  4. So recently I was just searching up a few video pad editing tutorials. I watched a few great videos to make me learn how to use this ES. But then autoplay put me to a video that said "How to get videopad professional for free". I watched it, and it showed somebody that had downloaded the 14 day trial and clicking to put in a code. He put the code in the description. There are a few things Im wondering about this 1. Can a code be used multiple times? And if it can, why are people posting their codes so other people can use them? 2. Does these codes only upgrade it from a trial version, or does it give you the full professional version? I am wondering this because I don't want to use some kind of code on a program that I enjoy so much. Since if Im ever gonna get the full version, Im gonna pay for it. All answers will be appreciated Thanks
  5. Yes lowering frame rate worked perfect Thanks for the help
  6. Ok I fixed it. I found out that lowering the frame rate to 25 worked. But thanks anyway!
  7. So I might not have been to clear in my last post. My issue is when I use the text to speech put it into my video, add text, it matches the preview perfect. But when I export it, the text to speech does not match the text at all. I don't know why this happens it worked fine before I updated to 4.09. Im using a Mac Laptop (Its not the best but it works fine) and Im using the free videopad version I downloaded from the app store. I hope somebody can solve this.
  8. Hello. So I have used videotaped for a little while now and I am really happy with it. All the time I can create great videos and upload it on my youtube channel. I am a Mac OS X user. But today I was watching one of my videos in the preview. Everything seemed fine. The audio was synced and there were no choppy parts. I tried to export it 1080 p and 60 fps but the audio got out of sync. Then I tried 30 fps, 29.97, 720p and so on. I tried removing a gif from the video to see if that was causing the lag but it did not work either. Everything worked fine until I updated to 4.09. Anyone know what I could do or has the same issue?
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