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  1. I have files that will load on my desktop computer and play in Express Scribe, but on my laptop computer, the files will not load, stating they are encrypted, looking for a decryption key. I have verified that these files are not encrypted and they do in fact play on my desktop without a decryption key. Does anyone know how to fix this problem to get these files to load without a decryption key? Again, I have been assured by the provider that he is not encrypting the individual files so there is no decryption key to enter. My two systems are exactly alike, running Windows 7 Professional, IE 10, all settings exactly the same on both computers. HELP
  2. From the menu, click options, click playback, click incoming, on the bottom of that incoming tab you should see a box that says "set users decryption key" click that and a little box will pop up to where you can enter the id and key code and then click "set key".
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