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  1. Once A/V are aligned, take care in how splits are made, to help preserve sync...

    Click the arrow to the right of the SPLIT icon and note the many choices.


    Also, multiple tracks can be selected so - in some instances - the action taken will affect them all.


    Yeah, these are great tips, but what about linking audio and video?

  2. I'm having a really annoying time keeping all of my video and audio clips in the same place on the timeline. I'd like to be able to link an audio clip to a video clip but can't seem to figure out how to do this. Can someone explain how?

  3. You can combine clips into one by putting them into a separated Sequence.


    Sequence will be treated as a single clip in another sequence. So it works like grouping.


    Ah, that sounds like an okay workaround. Am I able to edit one sequence while in another? It just becomes annoying to switch at that point.


    Also, how do I move 100 clips from my current sequence to another sequence?

  4. Are you aware that the TIMELINE display can be expanded? Use the slider at the bottom right hand corner of the window.


    Yes I'm entirely aware of this, but it doesn't fix or address my problem in any way.

    I have 300 hundred clips on my timeline and am forced to use bookmarks in order to tell where my original clips (which are now cut into hundreds of pieces) start and end. I would rather enjoy being able to combine the 300 clips in my timeline to the original 3 clips that I had when I started editing.

  5. I've been using to Videopad to edit together some technical tutorials recorded in multiple sections.

    Storyboard has become really useful to get away from the mess that is on the timeline but today I've made some mistakes while recording and it has required a lot of cutting and snipping of the video/audio track.


    Storyboard is now a horrible mess because I have nearly a hundred clips on it, most of which are less than 5 seconds ( I'm quite picky about editing out silence and uhhms). I started out with only 5 video clips but cannot tell where one ends and where another starts.


    Is it possible to combine all of the clips I have on the timeline into several long clips so I can again distingiush which clips are which?

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