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  1. Hi, I was having problems with Public Web Access on Express Accounts so I decided to upgrade to V 5.07, which I had to pay for. There are a lot of changes on this version and a LOT of bugs and I am very disappointed with this version as the cons outweigh the pros. My biggest problem, in addition to still not being able to use Public Web Access and no longer being able to put a customer reference in our invoices, is that I need to run an ACCOUNTS PAYABLE REPORT between selected dates and upon doing this I only see one record out of what should be hundreds of records. I have tried all of the different variables (dates, suppliers, due date, ref, etc) and still only get one record showing, and usually the same one. My VAT submission is now late as a result of this and I have had to request and extension from the HMRC. I really need help with this as Tech Support are not providing me with a solution. I would really like to revert to the previous version because this one is a nightmare! HELP!!!!!
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