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  1. First of all, I am using v4.12. It suits my needs well. I have a scenario where users would input a number sequence and if it matches what's in my list, it would play back an appropriate message. So far so good. However, when the number does not match, (i.e. validation failed), I don't see an option to redirect users, or do anything else. Ths sytsme plays "This is not a valid number" and keeps on repeating the OGM. per the help file "Before executing the active command, IVM can validate the variable using a number range or a list of valid (or invalid) numbers. If this test fails, IVM says "that is not a valid number" and replays the OGM." so it looks like the system is doing what it is designed to do, but this is crazy. We need to have some way of redirecting users to another menu, otherwise, the darn OGM keeps on repeating. Thanks
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