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  1. I lost 40 customers in the beginning of this year. I deleted all old customer accounts and now I only have 24 customers in my list. All looks good except from the home screen when I click on Apply Payments box OR go to the payments on the ribbon, the drop list show the 60+ people I had before. I checked the Customers folder in C:\ProgramData\NCH Software\ExpressInvoice and there are only the 24 customers like it is supposed to be. Nevermind I figured it out.... since some of my old customers had credits, I ended up deleting all files here C:\ProgramData\NCH Software\ExpressInvoice\CreditNotes This brought my Apply Payment list to my current customer list. I hope this can help someone else.
  2. Would like to know if there is a way to purge data. When performing backups it is currently taking a long time. So I would think a data purge would be helpful. So if anyone has any insight on this topic please assist. Basically would like to clear any existing invoices and just start with the current balance going forward.
  3. So I am totally new to this software and basically accounting. I may have did this wrong from setup but I am hoping for some guidance. So I manage a water club that people pay me monthly. When I created the customer accounts some of them had extra money on their account. So for example John Doe has a -$20.00 balance. Then I setup a $5.00 item that bills a recurring invoice monthly. So John has a starting balance of -$20.00, the recurring billing which began 7/1 was $5.00. John's current balance is now -$15.00 His invoice is marked unpaid. Is there a way to apply the negative balances to the invoices? I frequently get payments above what the invoice will be. So people pay for a few months in advance. So is there a better way to reflect these monthly charges and apply them to future invoices?
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