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  1. So I tried everything I could with the .avi, but I get the same encoding issues with every encoder I have on the list, however as it is working correctly with the .mpeg now, that's not really an issue for me. More importantly, even after the updates I'm still getting the blank waveform audio line when I import video clips. If I split the audio and video outside of VideoPad, then import them separately, I have no issues, but importing as a block A/V file doesn't work. After you mentioned the extra blank channel on the file, I figured that this would be a stereo recording issue, but I get the same problem still with files recorded in mono, so there's no real possibility of multiple channels. Any ideas?
  2. So, an update here. The freeze issue does actually seem to be an issue with .avi exports. I tried an MPEG export again today and it worked perfectly. I'm guessing I have some out-of-date avi codec. As for the other issue, I'm going to try a few different codecs to see if I can sort it.
  3. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BzRu0zktM-FHfmxfS0d5RW42R0dZb0JHOFRKNkJxMndXMDhGWkU3VFg5Z3I2OWZrSW1tem8&usp=sharing This is the complete collection of files for the link I sent before.
  4. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzRu0zktM-FHNkk3c1dVYUc4S0k/view?usp=sharing That's the video with the biggest problem, everything is fine until the end. For the missing audio, I assume it's because I'm recording mono sound games in stereo, thanks for the help on that.
  5. These two videos should show it. In this one everything is fine except the extension to the video: In this one it freezes on the last video shot. They should have the same outro: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=njDCJQxR_2g
  6. Well I have had success separating the audio in other software and importing separately, but it's seriously time consuming to do that with every video, especially if I'm overlaying two together and have to sync them. What would you suggest as a fix for this? What other codecs should I be using? Also, how can I salvage a file that still has the issue with the extended ending? It's a seriously long project and I really do not want to do it again.
  7. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzRu0zktM-FHNnF5a085bGNES0U/view?usp=sharing That's the file from the screenshot.
  8. Ok so, just updated and ran some more tests. One, the audio still isn't appearing at all on some clips. Two, the 25 seconds thing is not apparently set to 25 seconds, just as a test I exported a 6 second video clip which came out longer than 7 seconds with a still image in the last second. As for the screenshots, all I do is add the file to the project, then put it in the slot, then export it. I've attached a picture which shows the settings and the empty audio line (the audio is definitely present in the original file.
  9. Nope, didn't help whatsoever, still having the exact same issues. Also, not sure if this is related, but I've been trying to export a video that ends with a still image. On some occasions, the image doesn't appear at all and the video freezes on the last frame of the main video. In EVERY instance, exporting the video adds on 25 seconds of the last visible frame (either the image or the final video frame). I can find no way to remove this, and for some reason it's always 25 seconds exactly, which obviously messes up my video. This is becoming increasingly irritating for both issues, because now it's really causing havoc on my upload schedule.
  10. This is not an issue of space, I have about 30GB left and it happens even with my 5 second test videos. There is no audio whatsoever, all I get attached to the video is a flat audio line.
  11. So before I posted I did change the audio, collapse etc, although figured it wouldn't help as there is no audio wave whatsoever. Have reinstalled it, and it's not just one file, it's ALL of them. I don't know if it's because I'm recording through Bandicam but I've tried importing files from every recording codec I have and the sound just isn't there, despite being perfectly fine in the original file. I'm completely out of ideas and I have no idea now.
  12. I'm having a huge issue right now with trying to import video clips into VideoPad. For some reason, since a few weeks ago, whenever I import a video clip I have no sound with it whatsoever. The files themselves are fine, and recorded with a range of codecs, although my normal one is MP4. Even clips that previously imported correctly now have no sound attached. There is an audio channel that opens, but it's completely blank and no sound plays. This is seriously big concern as I'm basically unable to edit anything at all.
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