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  1. Hi please can you tell me of your company software through which i can use pos machine customer display while doing sale.I am using Digipos Customer display.Your help needed. Thanks
  2. Copper Pos and Inventoria Data synchronize I need to use computer on remote location means one computer in head office and one in company store.Now i am facing problem for the data synchronize as these both computers are standalone machine with out any network.Please i need your help in which way i can synchronize data between these 2 machines .There is no export sales i can found in your copper pos software. what is this Cloud Access built in copper pos software, if i configure it then can i connect both remote computers together on internet or still i need help from ISP for VPN connection. Please need your help Asap. Thanks
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    Perfect Bro ........ Thanks for ur reply and Help ....
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    Please let me clear the LICENCE agreement for Pos price is 40$ and for Inventoria is 129$, my question is this 40 $ is for one month / 12 months or for one time purchase for life time, please explain me licence agreement details . 2nd Question is, can i change my customer invoice for copper POS values in any other langue other then English ? 3rd Question is, can i remove SHARE and SUITE button from toolbar after purchasing the software ? 4th Question is, if my supplier change price for the same item from 50$ to 60$ then what i will do for it? 5th Question is, if i need to give discount on selective items there is no option to import i need to do it manually after searching items. Please i need to purchase your company software before that i need to explain these question to my company management so please kindly send me these answers but to the point. Thanks
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