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  1. Hi Ben, I'm streaming with the newest version of BroadWave V1.30. The issue seems endless. XD I have restarted both the software and the computer, but it's still the same. You can test it with your computer and mobile device. You'll find it's exactly find on the computer, but the problem will happen on any of the mobile device (both Android and iOS). Thanks, Kev
  2. Hi Ben, I found something further which might be helpful for you to find a solution for this bug. After restarting the BraodWave program and the computer itself, Android device seems working fine to get clear sound now; however, iOS mobile devices still have the same issue (streaming can be connected but you can't even hear a clear word, it's with lots of noises and echo). It would be helpful if you could find a way out for me. My client is a local FM broadcast radio station, and they're not very satisfied and very unhappy about this issue at the moment. I recommended NCH to them and just bought it a few weeks ago. :( I seriously don't want to ask for a refund and look for another online streaming solution out there. My client is getting really upset and impatient. Please get back to me ASAP! Thanks, Kev
  3. Hi, I've followed the steps to register Broadwave. I wonder how do I check to make sure the registration had successfully accepted and it is converted the demo version of the software to a professional version. I mean there's no error message nor success message after entering the registration code. This makes me wonder. The software looks exactly like it's still a demo version to me. For example, it still pops up a window with purchase online link on the window at the program startup. Thanks, Kev
  4. Hi, This is Kevin from TrenDigi Tech. I've purchased one key for Broadwave and it is streaming live for about 3 days in a roll now. During the testing period before it actually goes to public, we've found a issue. When we first started the streaming server 3 days ago (set quality to 256kbps), we were able to hear clear sound quality on both mobile device (Android and iOS default browser were both fine), MacBook, and Windows 7 laptop. The streaming server has not been stop or restart, and the issue pops in on the 3rd day for no reason. The issue is that you are no longer able to hear clear sound quality "ON MOBILE DEVICE (Android and iOS)", the sound is with lots of noises and echo. BUT, at the same time it will not happen with MacBook and Windows laptop. What is the cause of this problem? Thanks, Kev
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