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  1. I did find the old software. As far as clearing the cache it didn't fix anything. The reason I tried updating the software was a video I imported to edit had an issue with the sound. The source file was perfect, audio intact. When I accessed it in the program the audio stops abruptly like 2hours 40mins in and its an 8 hour video. I really needed the audio for the clips i was making. I updated and if was picking up the audio again but I couldn't really use the program anymore.
  2. Hi everyone, I updating VideoPad last night to 4.08 before that I had a version 3.** not sure purchased back in January so probably 3.85. Before updating I had a couple problems here and there with the program locking up aka not responding but it usually would pass and I could continue editting and exporting videos without a problem. However after updating, the program is basically unusable, CPU is usually at 100% the second I load in my project and never drops. Flipping between sequences to view them causes the program to not respond but will eventually pass and allow the sequence tabs to
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