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  1. Thanks xpert trailer and Gunner! What you say about the program doesn't sound very promising, but hopefully that doesn't become more of an issue for us... would be great if nch responded with an update to fix the bug!?

    We eventually managed to solve our issue! So for anyone else with the same problem... I noticed that MsMpEng.exe was hogging CPU usage when I hit the update button, for Express Accounts to to update with Inventoria, until the program gave "not responding" and "Synchronization Error - Server failed to respond to connection attempt". MsMpEng.exe is associated with Windows Defender, therefore, to solve the problem I added both expressaccounts.exe and inventoria.exe as exclusions under windows defender settings. So far, so good!


  2. Hi xpert trailer, we are having that same issue but all the time!! Quantities don't seem to be syncing at all between the two programs (we are using express accounts and inventoria). This is really frustrating and we are about to get rid of this software and start again with something else!! But before we do, just thought i would ask if you were able to resolve the issue? Any advice?

    Thanks a lot

  3. Hi


    Please can someone assist me with the "Server failed to respond to the connection attempt" error!

    We are running Express Accounts and Inventoria on the same machine and all the settings were fine and we have been able to sync between the two for a few months... until recently!! We have dealt with nch technical support. They took our data and set it up their side and sent us videos of everything working!! But we cannot resolve the issue our side! I am very comfortable with all the standard settings and check boxes etc.. as i said it used to work without any issues!


    Anyone out there who has had this issue before and solved the problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated!



    Thank you!

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