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    IVM vers. 4.01

    Where can I find the lastest build??? Thank you.
  2. ivm2007

    IVM vers. 4.01

    Today I install the old version (3.04) on windows 2000 professional and all function (smtp, mapi) of email work well. Conclusion: I think the version 4.01 has a problem with SMTP email. I buy the new version for nothing. Has nobody a version between the 3.04 and 4.01? Thank you. View the log file: VERSION 4.01 (SMTP DOESN'T GO) ============================== 18:09:51 Incoming SIP call 18:09:53 0041715267 Anonymous [Answered] 18:09:53 Answering call... 18:09:53 Answered line [1 "0041715267208"] call number [57] cid [Anonymous] did[gcservice1] drn[0 (0ms)] 18:
  3. ivm2007

    IVM vers. 4.01

    I have bought the new version (4.01) of IVM. It's running over windows2000professional. With previousily version (3.xx) running over windows2003server all was ok! But now SMTP directly doesn't go. Send to lan folder and forward to telephone number go well. Can anyone help me? Thank you.
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