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  1. Could you provide more details for the following to assist your query? Operating system and Version number of Operating systemr: ? Application Name:? Application Version number:? Have you purchased the application or trying a trial version:? Steps to reproduce the issue:?
  2. The DVD burning issue has been sorted out and our latest version is under testing and will be released within this week. Could you please forward your mail address so we can notify about the updated release
  3. We did not see any problem or data loss during pdf export in Clickchart Mac. Can you send us a sample or video file to replicate it?
  4. Have you gone through http://www.nch.com.au/burn/support.html ? below there is technical support link for further help. Hope that will resolve your issue.
  5. Could you please contact the technical support team for the initial support, I believe they can help you to troubleshoot and fix the issue. http://www.nch.com.au/support/supportcontact.html
  6. The latest version of Clickchart mac is 1.50, which is available in nchsoftware.com website. The pdf export issue has been fixed. You can try it. Regards, Abhilash
  7. Do you still have the issue with scribe mac in ElCapitan? If so connect with our technical support team. we might require a detailed log file to sort the problem you were facing.
  8. Please be in touch with technical support team for getting detailed report for this issue.
  9. could you install the latest version of Express Scribe mac? The Altoedge pedal will work with the free version and once you moved to paid version the scribe will recognise all compatible pedals.
  10. Hi You need to have Altoedge pedal for working in free version. The inifity or other type pedals will work only for paid version
  11. Hi You need to have Altoedge pedal for working in free version. The inifity or other type pedals will work only for paid version
  12. Expressburn accept both DVD-R and DVD+RW. If your player support only DVD-R, could you please burn a DVD-R using express burn and try again? While replying, could you please provide the following: 1. OS - Windows or Mac? 2. DVD specification. (Manufacture and disk details) 3. Express burn version number. 4. DVD Player details.
  13. Hi, Are you using Expresszip in windows or mac machine? Basically it should work. Could you attach a video file or screen shot of the issue? /Thanks, Abhilash
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