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    black border

    I have my aspect ratio set to 16:9 and that lines up with my resolution. Nevertheless im getting black borders around the screen on the recording. Anyway to really get a 16:9 on video output?
  2. Josh, I've sent you email for the support I've paid through through both my email which i've register when I BOUGHT your product and BOUGHT silver support. With my email, which I obviously am not listing in a public forum. What is your normal procedure when someone buys your product then pays extra for silver support? As far as I can see it's not even to send any instructions then ignore subsequent emails. After stating this in the NCH facebook I suppose I embarrassed someone from NCH to respond, they gave me a number to call of: 303-557-0211 Funnily enough after calling that
  3. I paid for silver support but there is actually no way to use it and my emails get bounced as well as my phone calls. does anyone know how to remove the annoying subtitles that appear on my video captures? thanks
  4. Clemwenzina how is that helpful? As I already said I used that link which asks if you are a platinum subscriber; If not you send them a normal emal via their template which they never reply to. Do you have an answer or are you just posting google search results?
  5. I boguth silver support but received no email instructions and NCH bounces all my emails. How do I use the support I paid for?
  6. Does anyone know how to use silver support. I paid for it and NCH provides no way to contact them and they bounce everything I send them. Obviously poor customer support after paying for customer support.
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