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  1. So... they don't have any moderators on this, apparently? Just.. usual people with little/no knowledge of the system. Hm. I really have no interest in buying this if it's not going to work, and their support methods are this bad.. the free version is completely broken, and there's no way of knowing if their support team is even remotely competent. I don't want to sound like I'm just complaining, but it's very frustrating to download something for the express purpose of seeing if you like the software, then having to pay to try it out, because the software doesn't work. It doesn't lead me to believe they have any interest in solving the issues in their product, and if the upfront attitude is like that, there's a good chance the tech support shares the sentiment. I have to deal with tech support agents every day as a part of my job, and there is a high number of unmotivated, or downright apathetic reps. I spent a month getting a tenvis camera fixed, because they asked me to do all the basic steps, one by one, each time I heard from them (they could only be contacted through email) and would only respond once or twice a week. The reason I point this out, is that thier "trial" is ultimately useless if you can't use the product, and the "14 day money back guarantee" requires me to assume that their support team will have the issue resolved with enough time for me to see wether or not i like the product- something I was hoping to do on my own time, without a deadline. And when the first impression is a bunch of Questions with no responces in their forums, and a stone wall which can only be opened by opening your wallet, I have to say I have no expectation for them to excell at this. (btw- their site says they "may not be able to answer all questions from free users" but they don't accept any questions from free users, it seems..) ANYWAYS. Sorry about the rant. Hopefully someone in the company will see this and fix their serious issues with their policy of stone-walling potential customers, and if they do end up changing their practices I hope to hear about it. It looks like a sweet piece of software, assuming it worked. OR maybe I'm wrong. Maybe this is me jumping the gun too soon, having grown up in an age where a few hours with support generally get's you something (anything) and I'll have a resolution a week from now (far too long in my opinion) but if so, hopefully it'll help the next guy.
  2. Okay, so I'm not sure how much "support" this forum offers as I've only just downloaded the software fairly recently. However, I've noticed that when Voxal is on, there is a severe distortion that isn't present if the application is turned off. This is regardless of what "voice" is set up, and is even present when using the "bypass" setting. It is completely incomprehensible. It sounds almost like an "alien" voice mixed with some kind of acoustic modifier, I guess, but (as stated) this is despite any changes to the settings. I'm at a complete loss, and any help would be greatly appreciated. BTW. I'm using a Lenovo E540 with the built in Mic. I'm not sure what the mic is called, but as stated, it works fine when Voxal is not running, so I think I can solve it with some configuration changes. Lastly, if there is no solutions to this (i.e. if it's a "well, that mic isn't supported. Sorry m8") could I get a referral to any other similar software that's good for the time being? Thx.
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