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  1. N_C_H_joshb, is this means we can't see profit if we sell through express invoice even if we connect to inventoria ? This will defeat the purpose of inventoria . Express invoice can control the stock quantity. I plan to buy inventoria only to check the profit. i can't issue invoice through inventoria and can't see profit in express invoice. any other way to settle this ?
  2. Hi, i just bought express invoice and it is working fine. Now i am testing inventoria trial version. Inventoria can be connected to express invoice. The stock in inventoria auto update in express invoice. whenever i do sales at express invoice , the quantity reduced at inventoria as expected. BUT the sales report at inventoria not updated. i can't see any sales report if i do sales at express invoice. whenever i do "sell stock" at inventoria, the sales report updated and can see sales & profit. Anyone, please advice how to fix this. Thanks Shan
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