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  1. I am accustomed to transporting videos from an external device, as when I used Movie plus 5 and 6 by Serif. I find this an impossible task here. Therefore what is the answer?????? JIM TAYLOR
  2. Thank you for the reply and I am so sorry once again. For some reason when I exported the first time it went straight throut to a MP4 and without adjustment. Now, it has rectified the situation and is turning out beautiful films, once the adjustments showed themsilves. Therefore, I do not know what happened the first time but it is clear the adjustments are there, although did not show up the first time. THANK YOU ALL AND SORRY FOR THIS PIECE! BEST WISHES JIM
  3. Hi, When I save my work to MP4 the video is narrow. it appears to show the centre section of the film?? JIM TAYLOR
  4. Hi, Yes he did a great job and I cannot thank him enough for guidance and also for kindly patience too. Every best wish and yes I will probably need more help of a kind. Hi Borate and thank you kindly for your further welcome advice and every best wish;your patience is a virtue so well done. JIM
  5. Hi I have eventually got to the back of this extremely tiring episode with the Videopad software and it appears much of it was down to the Windows ten updates and probably myself going round in circles so thenk you so much for all your help and perfect guidance throughout this difficult time. EVERY BEST WISH and let us hope this will be an end to it. JIM
  6. Thank you for all your help and I am continuing to try and resolve this with Microsoft. It appears there are many complaints already and they are trying to resolve the situation but all these uploads should be proved workable before they do upload. Whatever, I do hope they will sort out this matter and it appears on my other computer they have sent my MP4 strait to some internet source as it says it can be viewed on line. I cried to myself WHAT THE HELL!!! it should have been in my videos like all the rest and that is a different software package. Every best wish and THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP AND PATIENCE WITH THIS. JIM
  7. Thank you for your continual guidance and extreme patience too. I have discovered there is much more missing items and this appears to be due to Microsoft and their recent windows 10 updates and many more people are complaining bitterly with the company to restore their windows back to an earlier date. I have another video software on another computer and in saving to MP4 it has gone into space and can only be viewed on from out there somewhere but I cannot locate it either. Now this seems rather silly, but I have never encounterd this before after many years of filming and video making too, so it does appear Microsoft has a lot to answer for. I am still engaged in finding these films as they are important to me and I understand what you are telling me on the film names and I do understand that, but the mind boggles into the unknown and thus gets lost in the clouds of dispair. I will have a more extensive look but it does look as if they are lost somewhere and this figures with all the mystery complaints about Microsoft at this vey moment. I will be going back to them as I now believe this has something to do with them and my file expoeore is not functioning properly and the changes to it is not satisfactory and this is due to Microsoft. Thank you so much and if there is anything else you can suggest I will be happy to listen to your excellent suggestions. JIM
  8. I have discovered VTS files that I have never seen before. Are they them? They do load into Videopad? JIM
  9. Hi Borate, Thank you so much for all your trouble and I will do a search as you suggested and I am very grateful for all your patience and hard work too A VERY BEST WISH JIM
  10. When I click the resolve button it directs me always to my picture files and a file manager has never appeared once at all and I have been at this for days. I will have to digest some of that. Yet, When I press the resolve button it always goes to My Pictures and there is nothing there except my pictures. Strangely i do have some pictures in some of my videos. Again I see an MP3 on the resolve notice so yes I do have mp3 in most of my videos but I have already searched everywhere and there is nothing in those files either. Thank you so much once again. JIM
  11. When I try resolve it simply goes to my pictures and there is nothing there and even though I change the area of search it still does not resolve anything?? It appears to go to pictures as there is a selection of pictures in one or two of my films and I see the an MP3 on the resolve information notice. JIM
  12. I do not know if I have missed something but this is certainly a twister and nothing i have experienced before but I will attempt what you say once again. Thank you for you help as I do appreciate it JIM
  13. Yes indeed this is what I am saying and I have desperately tried to upload without any success. I have deleated nothing. JIM
  14. Hi, I use Save as all the time and I have tried endlessly clicking all my Videopad files and nothing happens. When they appear on Videopad with the resolve information nothing resolves even after a while, unless it takes a long time. However I will try clicking around to see if there is a change. Although nothing so far. BEST WISHES JIM
  15. I have just seen this as I have been locked out for a while and take the suggestions and see if any resolves this issue. Thank you. JIM TAYLOR -0-0- Hi Nat, I have just tried what you said by double clicking the VPJ file and it just loads onto the Videopad with a resolving message and of course it does not resolve. Therefore where are my film clips if not saved within these icons? I have searched widely and there is nothing else on my computer? Thank you and others for your help. -0-0- Hi, Thank you for your reply, borate. Double clicking on the VPJ files does absolutely nothing. They do not upload again to Videopad for some unknown reason? I have used the exporting by MP4 and it works fine although it takes a little longer than I am acustomed to. However, that is not the issue it is losing all my files I am working on without any real reason.
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