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  1. By the way - I can't remember exactly what I did inside "Noteworthy" and "Notation Composer" but one or both of them have the kind of midi settings menu that I would have expected should be part of Crescendo - i.e. you can set which midi device you use, play with midi track settings etc. (maybe they are there - I haven't found them though). I think Crescendo is hardwired to use only the onboard Microsoft midi (GS Wave thing) but I could - in the other software - switch to my USB connected Tascam US-122 ... then I can choose my synth over the Microsoft midi device, which is pretty low grade. NCH MixPad allows me to choose which midi device - I think if they installed that functionality with Crescendo it would fix all these problems...
  2. hmm - you're testing me as I didn't end up keeping any, but among others I installed demos of "Noteworthy" and "Notation Composer". The other thing is if you install NCH's audio and midi recorder (Mixpad) you can record a midi track from your music keyboard and, if you have Crescendo installed, click the Crescendo icon within Edit Midi Track (right click on the recorded track to edit it). It will open the midi track as scored notation in Crescendo. I think from memory doing that also jogged Crescendo into doing its playback. Good luck!
  3. Hi all, When I record midi direct from my Ensoniq keyboard I get a faithful reproduction of my playing (including all use of the sustain pedal.) However if I then click "edit clip..." and make changes to the midi track in the midi editor, then when I play it again from the main window the sustain-pedal info has been wiped and I just get the length of the notes as I held them down. The sustained notes are still available if I switch back to edit mode and play it from there (but obviously I can only play a single track in edit mode). So for instance after I do any small edit, all my arpeggios etc. sound clunky and staccato instead of being held over the time I pressed the sustain pedal. Note that the midi data in the edit window only shows the actual time the key was pressed (say I held a C for one second). But the sustain pedal overrides the ending of the note and it might be audible for 3 seconds. There is no visual data in the midi-edit table to show that the sustain pedal has been pressed so I can't edit sustain back in as far as I know. But ... even though the sustain data appears to be ignored in the main window, the info is not deleted. I know this because if I save and close the file, when I re-open it it is still possible to hear the sustained version but only if I click play in "edit mode"... But in the main window the sustain info remains lost. Seems like a bug to me - anyone else experienced this? Cheers.
  4. Ok - so I don't know why but it has suddenly started working. The only change was that I installed and then uninstalled a different music notation software and that had some midi configuration settings that I played with. Maybe that woke up my onboard midi? Weird anyway.
  5. By the way - when this software is working properly do you hear notes while you are placing them on the staff?
  6. Thanks - yes, Windows 8.1 - would not surprise me if Windows 8 was the culprit - it's a pig of an OS. I saw the previous similar post but that one seemed like the guy got it sorted... Tech support suggested an uninstall/reboot/reinstall but that didn't help. Cheers
  7. I'm finding the software great to use to create a score, but when I click the playback I get nothing... no audio and no change on screen (i.e. from other responses in this forum I'm thinking I should be seeing the current note light up yellow as it runs through the score? I don't see any change at all - clicking the play button does nothing at all). (Otherwise my PC has audio working. E.g. for NCH Mixpad it works fine.) When I place notes on the stave they do light up yellow - should I also be hearing audio while placing notes? I'm on a PC, laptop and have the latest version installed. Any hints greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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