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  1. problem solved it was just a silly mistake of minebut i said it before im new to video editing
  2. first of all i need to mention im not deep in using video editing tools wich explains why i dont know what to do here also i use the free version (for now) but when i preview or conver the video it starts at the mortal kombat part in the video wich is roughly the ending it also shows a grey shade over the storyboard the video itself takes about 25 minutes i used 60 audio files (its a gaming video so i need lots of sound effects) 9 images and 7 video files 3 are for the outro and one sequence and with this topic im asking what do i need to do to remove it? file:///C:/Users/tristan/Pictures/question%20mark.dib i took a screenshot sincerely the imm inc staff (1 person)
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