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  1. After playing around with fades and such, I've finally found a solution: To avoid any blips or weird audio effects after a fade out, create a clip of silence, and actually insert the clip of silence in the gaps between the faded audio clips. Then the continuous audio track will function well. (Having blank spaces between the audio clips doesn't work.)
  2. Hi, I've been using videopad intermittently for a while, and can't seem to fade out an mp3 clip to silence without an audible "blip" at the end of the clip. (It fades to silence for a few miliseconds, then has a milisecond of the audio clip sound). Does anyone know of a good method to prevent this blip from occuring? (Adding a short block of audio silence or something). It often sounds worse in the exported video than in videopad, but is still there in videopad. Thank you,
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