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  1. 2 months later, no problems, upgrading the webcam solved all the prlblems
  2. All is still running good after 2 weeks so definitely the old webcam quality.. Nice call on the suggestion. thanks again.
  3. Hi, I tried to use the Debut software and clicked use demo version. When I clicked on the red record button a pop up box said I had to purchase it. Maybe because it tried it a week ago ? Anyway, just came back from Best Buy and I got a better webcam (Logitech C310) and it seems to have corrected the issue. $$37 was worth getting a clearer picture and hopefully getting the sync issue corrected. Keeping my fingers crossed that that was the problem. thanks again
  4. Hi, I am using a Logitach C170. Not exactly high end but fairly good quality . After getting nowhere again today, I reinstalled the program and it worked perfectly again. Even at the higher resolution settings for preview and device. The only thing I noticed that seemed a tad odd was that in encoder settings, after the fresh install and it working normally, I noticed that the settings were MPEG4 (compressor), and other two settings were 768 average, 1024 max. I would think that these are the default values since it was a fresh install. But when I click the button that says, "restore defaults" , the compressor changes to H264, with a 23 value of quality. I tried recording to see if this would affect the sync. It did. The sync was way off again. So I changed it back to MPEG but it did not correct the out of sync recording as would be logical. Probalby should have left it alone, but I wanted to verify the issue. I just reinstalled and it loaded with MPEG4 as the compressor but it is out of snyc again. Had it for today. Doesn't make sense
  5. botar


    I'm a novice at recording software so I have a real basic question. I have been sequencing songs with kybds and midi for years and the metronome could either be set to on or off and it didn't affect playback. I take it that when I want to record with studio software, I should start a song project with a metronome track. So I recorded a metronome on track 1. . For track 2,( ac guitar ) I want to hear a preroll count in so I come in on time with the metronome. But I've discovered that the preroll countdown isn't audible unless the metronome icon is clicked. But, when I click the metronome icon to hear the preroll count-in, then the metronome gets recorded along with the track. Is it possible to just hear a preroll count in for a new track and not have it continue and be recorded ? I want to hear an 8 bar countin on track 2, and then have it stop and I'll play to track 1's metronome. Am I doing this correctly ? I guess a work around would be to just come in on bar 5 on track 2.
  6. Per your suggestion, I checked system resource usage and there isn't much running. This is a recent install of the OS and it runs very clean. have a good A/V program. \Resource usage is very low and taking it a step further, I shut off my A/V (Malwarebytes) and disconnected my router to zero out resource usage from a network connection. I also set preview resolution down to lowest setting,(320) and also selected the lowest setting on the Capture Video/Devices resolution (160 X 120). I cleared the cache manually as well as checked the box to clear on exit When I record, the audio track is immediately off sync. It's almost like it is offset from the git go. I really don't think this is a resource usage issue. My processor is an I3-2100 with 3.1GHz and 8 GB of memory. I again tried Windows Movie Maker and it plays back in sync. I would think that if it were a resource problem than Movie Maker would also be out of snyc. And as I've mentioned, VideoPad did work perfectly a few times, even before I learned about clearing the cache, which made it work but only until the next time I opened the program. I still have 2 weeks to figure it out before the 30 day return is expired. I really need and really like this program but of course I have to be able to use it. It's weird that it's so intermittent and the sync is so far off, but on occasion is perfectly synced. I do have a 64 bit OS. Could this be an issue ? It wouldn't explain the intermittentcy but thought I'd mention it. Why would Movie Maker work and VP not ? I looked at the resources numbers in resource monitor with VP open: VP is using 479. Chrome was listed as 6,000 and system was listed around 15,500. Nothing else was running.
  7. Hi, got it in sync again. I noticed that the resolution under Capture Video/devices was at the highest setting (640X480 30.00fps YUB and I tried lowering it and went way down to 175/144. Recored about 6 times opening an closing the program and it seems fine now. I don't see much difference in the quality of the picture but not sure, still have more experimenting to do. Preview resolution was reset to a high setting by one of the reinstalls and I dropped it down a notch for good measure. I'll try to increase the Capture Video /devices settings as high as my hardware will allow it all to stay in sync. thanks again and for you paitience
  8. Seems to be out of sync again. I submitted a summary of this issue to tech support.
  9. Thank you very much, I'm glad it was something easy. I had 866 MB of cache. Another question please, Is there any reason why I would want to save the cache and not check the option to "delete on exit" ? I either save or discard a clip or sequence when I close VideoPad.
  10. I recorded 5 videos that all worked fine. The only thing that is curious is that the first one I recorded was an .avi file (in title bar of video). the next 4 were Mp4's . I did the same as always, hit the record button and selected 'record video'. This seems strange but I guess it's working so I'm happy to be able to record but I have no idea why this problem just h appens at random.
  11. Hi thx for the reply. The title bar of a video says My Video - 0015.MP4 The earlier ones that I recorded and saved (via export video) became .avi files and played normalliy in media player. I took a recent video that was out of sync and saved it. It became an .avi fiile and when I played it in Windows Media Player it was out of sync like the .mp4 from videopad. I am sending a signal from my mixing board to my sound card. I believe it's just a standard .wav file. As I mentioned, Windows MOvie Maker works normally and when I first started using VideoPad it worked normally. Not sure why it changed to this out of snyc status. About attaching a video file, I didn't have any luck using the "my media" icon to attach a video. It doesn't seem to work. When I hit 'search' it just momentarily flashes some status dots in a small window that disappears and nothing happens One thing I didn't mention that might be related (as I don't remember seeing it when it was recording in sync). I have this message whenever I open videopad "The sound linked to the clip youare playing is still processing. You will not hear sound until procesing finishes. (Displayed in a yellow bar at the bottom of the window, belolw the audio track"" I was able to hear everything anyway, but it was out of sync. The warning has been there for the last few days. Maybe opened VP it about 20 times Now to support what I've been saying about working sometimes and not working some other times, I closed and opened Video Pad again and now the warning bar is not there I recorded a short video and it recorded in sync. I haven't changed anything. It seems to be an intermittent issue. I will post again if it re-occurs
  12. I did try to uninstall and I tried the repair option with no help. Then I uninstalled and reinstalled and activated, no help there either. I reviewed the first 3 videos I made and they are in perfect sync. The sync now is way out of whack, about a 15 second difference at the end of a 45 second clip.
  13. Hi, I read the other posts about this and tried the suggestions. This is a little lenghy but I going to try to help troubleshoot by laying out what the issue is and what I've done. HP/Win7pro /8GB ram/integrated audio (realtek) I've have had VideoPad a few weeks and progress has been slow but steady learning how to do things. At first, I had an out of sync problem and then it just disappeared and the video and audio were matched perfectly. Then it went back to out of sync yesterday and I"ve spent hours trying to remedy it without much luck so hopefully I can get some help fixing it. All I want to do is just record live video of me performing on guitar and make video clips for promotional purposes. I found another thread that suggested lower preview resolution and I tried that to the lowest setting didn't fix it. I cleaned all my temp files everywhere hoping it was a cache issue and that didn't help. did a defrag, no help. I updated my sound drivers and the download and install was fairly extensive. Figured I solved it: figured wrong. OK, so the reason I got this software was because Windows 7 Movie maker is so lame, BUT, to verify if it was a hardware or software issue, I recorded a min of video using Movie Maker and lo and behold it was synced perfectly with the audio. Movie Maker video was not out of sync. I'm hoping it's a VideoPad setting that got changed somewhere but I've been through hours of clicking and reading and searching and I"m stuck. , VideoPad did record videos without this sync issue a few times but either something was changed or corrupted. I am hoping to get some ideas of things to check, or all else fails I guess I can try a reinstall. By the end of a 1 minute video, the audio goes on for about 8 seconds after the video stops. thx for some suggestions
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