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  1. Technical support reported that they have no solution of this problem for Axon Agent. Unclear, for what suggested to buy me it at first...
  2. I wrote to tech support. I put the trial version of Axon PBX and wanted to try whether it is suitable for me. In tech support I was offered first to buy the product, and then to get help. How can I have something to buy, haven decided whether I like this program? Strange business. So I just put free Elastix and VTiger. On their forum normally meet.
  3. Hello! There is a problem with the list of the received calls. The call passes normally, I lift a tube in Axon Agent, I write data in the section "Data", then I click "Update". But in the section "Calls" anything isn't present! In panel Web, in the section "Dialing Lists", I see the received call and all data. But in "Axon Agent", in "Calls", anything isn't present. Why there is no list of calls?
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