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  1. Hi there, Well I'm moving into different errors. Originally got the not configured correctly Then merchant credentials incorrect SSL token error "Response from Merchant Gateway security header is not valid". NCH have responded with a debug program for V5.24. I will post back if they fix it.
  2. Hi There, Yep I too have the same issue. I was getting the not configured now I'm getting a SSL error. NCH have responded with a debug to run and I have sent it off to them. If I can get this to work then pretty much this programs does everything I need and I will be very happy. Although since installing the debug I now have a bug and the darn program hangs.........anyway will update with what happens.
  3. Hi there, We have 1030 items by 22 colours and it is totally unworkable with 22k codes. Looks like I will have to remove the colours from the codes and type in manually which is not what I wanted to do. Any chance it will be improved for item searching and speed up of the program.
  4. I use outlook and Gmail and both show them in my sent box. Ensure you have your email settings entered correctly. You will find them under Options Other Email Settings. cheers KazzaMozz
  5. Hi there Version 5.04 is a dud for the VAT report. Version 4.98 reports it correctly as you are able to under chart of accounts state to include in VAT report. Note to get the VAT report for version 4.98 you need to change your PCs region to United Kingdom otherwise the report is not available. I have forwarded a bug report re the VAT which is called Sales tax report in 5.04 that it does not report properly. I won't be updating till this is solved. If you purchase a support package from my experience they been very helpful and reply within 24 hours. Cheers KazzaMozz
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