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  1. Okay well I think I figured it out... If anyone is having the same problem then it is because you are using different size images and have to get the image to be the same size or else they will auto crop to the image that is in my case more narrow and higher depending upon what images you have it could change the way it exports. I will make a template canvas for my images and then save them and add them to the movie and hopefully that will make it work....
  2. Hey guys first off I bought this program because it is great! But I seem to be having some trouble with some kind of Auto Cropping feature that crops the video and when you click the Preview (as it would be exported) button and it is completely different than the Sequence Preview I don't know if this has to do with the fact that I am using different sizes of Images in my video or what here is a video below of what I am talking about. Please help me figure out what is going on??? Thanks in advance! https://vimeo.com/120531708
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